Front office key term

Black listed guest
List of guest who damage and steals the hotel property.
Booking diary
A book in which all the information regarding reservation is kept by front office up dated day to day.
Business center
An area in the hotel offering various secretarial facilities.
Call sheet
It is used to re cored wake-up call.
City ledger
The collection of an settled departure guest account.
Day rate
A reduced rate for occupying a room during the day with check out before 5:00 pm.
A statement all transaction affecting the balance of a single account.
Guest folio
A form used to recorded transaction of individual person or guest room.
Guest rack
Whitney rack at information where guest names are arranged alphabetically.
House count
Number of guest staying in a hotel on a given night.
Late charge
An additional charge after 12:00 noon (check out time).
Master folio
A folio used to chart transaction on an account assigned to more than one person.


VTL is also called as a 'tab' sheet which is mostly acceptable in all hotel though it is being replaced by computer.It is a loose leaf sheet recording Baily transaction of the in house guest.The entries are made from the check(bill) sent by different department.The entry should be made as and when the checks come in.This form of 'tab' sheet has set of columns with details of room,room no. and different charges.

VTL is a type of ledger which is maintained to keep up to date records of all charges incurred by guest during their stay in the hotel.a

Preparation and presentation of bill

A customer who check-in into hotel is entitle to various credit amount in hotel from different outlet which is used by guest.It is impossible for reception desk to handle all the minute details of customer a/c.So that front office cashier has to keep proper record and good billing system.There are different types of ledge and books used by front office cashier which is given below;
1. VTL (Visitor tabular ledger)
2. Allowance book
3. Guest
4. Deposit ledger
5. Sales and service charge book

Charge card

Charge cards are credit cards which are issued by private credit card organization when a guest settles their a/c with a charge card the hotel doesn,t received payment on the same day.At the end of each shift the cashier will transfer all of bills settle by charge card to a/c department to follow up.At the end of week or month statement of the total amount charged to the private credit card organization send together with copies of all the imprinter.The credit card company will pay the amount of hotel less it,s commission.
In case of co oporate a/c and travel cheque voucher the bills will be transfered to the a/c department.The a/c department send the satement with copy of bills and tater.The company and travel agent deposits the amount in hotels a/c with it,s less commission.


Factor affecting the reservation

a. Confirmation;
Confirmation means that the hotel acknowledges and verifies a guest room request and personal information by fax and mail.Confirm reservation may be either guaranteed or non-guaranteed.

b. Cancellation;
It refers to the process of canceling the confirmed reservation made by the prospective guest.Guest may cancel their reservation due to personal reason or natural evils.It also brings loss of the hotel business if cancellation are more than expected.When the reservation is withdrawn by the guest then it is known as cancellation.
c. Overbooking;
It is a process of accepting more booking then the no. of rooms available for sale.It is done by hotel to maintain maximum room sales or maximum occupancy.Purpose of overbooking is to compensate for:
- No-Show
- Cancellation and
- Early departure

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